A Field Visit To Hell

A Field Trip to Hell
A Field day at Hell: go through the 30 torments of hell directly without the need to remain for eternity

By Minister Kevin Benton


Jesus had not been Finished with Me Yet

How could a loving God allow, let-alone order, something like this during my life once I is at least wanting to take a mean him, wanting to do appropriate, and wanting to do their might? I became maybe not perfect, and I also never ever used my imperfection as a reason, but I became trying to be good witness. I really could not visited grips because of the fact that this was the way that my entire life would end. I began reading the Bible each day and listening to the Christian televisions stations. Every message we turned on ended up being exactly how Jesus was going to cure me and boost me personally up from my sleep of ailment because he had been maybe not done with myself yet. I just understood these preachers had been speaking particularly to me and my scenario. And needing a word of encouragement, especially in those days, I took those words to heart. Whenever I woke on the second time within the hospital, I became surprised that I lived through the night. We praised and thanked God for the next day which was maybe not assured, and I whispered to myself, “The fantasy continues to be live. I’ve however got time kept on the time clock.” Therefore I chose to praise and thank God day-after-day he wakes myself up each day. That exact same day, while I happened to be lying awake in bed, a vintage cleansing lady mopped her way into my room. She place the woman mop down alongside my bed, grabbed me by the fingers, and started praying for me within the title of Jesus Christ. We don’t bear in mind every little thing she said, but I really do keep in mind the woman praying with an African accent. “God, when you look at the title of Jesus, heal him since the devil is trying to take his life because he’s got a calling on their life. And Jesus, utilize him for the praise, honor, and fame.”

When she finished praying, a comfort emerged over my entire body like somebody had poured cold water on me personally from my mind that slowly trickled right down to my foot. Rips flowed from my eyes considering her motion of love. The old woman went out of my space, and I never ever saw her once more. If the physician arrived directly into take my blood pressure, he was surprised on results. He said, “I don’t determine what just occurred,” as he kept taking a look at the force gauge to make sure it had been working correctly and that he had been reading it appropriate. Even though he saw significant enhancement during my problem, he desired me to stay-in the hospital an additional time. Another EKG showed how big is my heart had gone down, and my appetite started finding its way back. I knew without a doubt that God had miraculously healed my own body and lifted myself up from my sleep of disorder because the tv preachers stated however do. We came into the intensive care device in a wheelchair, and now 2 days later on (three day’s completely) I happened to be walking-out after being released to go home as a result of my improved problem. My desire for food had returned and I began getting my weight straight back slowly but surely.

It appears that once I read Psalms 37:23, “The measures of a beneficial guy tend to be purchased by the Lord, and He delights in his method,” I’d didn’t browse the next verse, “Though he fall, he shall never be entirely cast down: for Lord upholds him along with his hand.” The term of God associated with our traumatic knowledge, letting me understand that a loving God allowed us to undergo the thing I experienced. He adored myself and would not keep me dangling. At this stage we ended questioning the reason why Jesus permitted me to proceed through the things I had and started questioning myself why he allowed us to endure it. I understood basically could respond to this second question i really could determine what my destiny in Christ was. There simply needed to be function and reasons.

Towards writer

Minister Kevin Benton attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. had been he majored in Psychology. Liberty may be the world’s largest Evangelical Christians institutes, founded because of the late, great Chancellor, Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell.

Minister Benton served at his local church as Youth and Young Adult Pastor and Recreational Director for more than ten years. Minister Benton is the C.E.O. and founder of Kevin Benton Ministries and it is an anointed speaker, gifted to preach and teach the phrase of God. 

He is the author associated with guide, “A Field day at Hell” posted by Liberty University Press and was invited on T.B.N. for a job interview on “Praise god” segment, which broadcast all over the world.




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