Crypto Exchanges

Skedesk recently published an article, ‘The last battlefield in high-frequency cryptocurrency exchange careers’, which offers direct connectivity to its corresponding engines in the trading locations. Xerxes has recently started marketing its niche, with other encryption exchanges with the intention of facilitating cross-connection for companies (such as a direct network connection within the database) through Internet-based […]

Tools to help you work from anywhere

[ad_1] Being able to travel and work from all over the world may no longer be a dream. However, whenever you plan to be a freelancer, just want to free yourself from spending every day in the office or planning a new launch in the far location you will need to the right tools. Phones […]

Business Lifestyle: Business Travel

[ad_1] Over the years I have read many business trip articles. Most of the advice I tried at once. I kept what worked. What failed, I didn't try again. Based on my experience, I have compiled some business trip tips in this section, which I hope will be a little less painful on my way […]

Where to Find Airline Deals on Business Class Seats

[ad_1] Air travel can be costly and of course tiring. However, the Flying Business Class offers the opportunity to make the most of this journey – a great way to travel and reach the goal of being refreshed and stress free. Business-class flights are pampered with state-of-the-art lounges, multi-stage meals, internet access, private screens and […]