What to do in Seattle while on vacation


Seattle is notorious for its coffee, but of course you can't spend all the time in a cafe while in Seattle.

Here are some useful travel tips for some fun things to do during your stay at the sailors' house.

Golden Gardens: It's actually listed number one when it comes to things in Seattle at UpTake.com. Whether you are traveling with a loved one or looking for a nice place to mix and not be a change bar, you should definitely head to Golden Gardens. It is ideal for watching the sun or watching birds. Opportunities are endless.

Space Needle: Space Needle is one of the most famous landmarks in the US. Maybe it's the best way to see Seattle. In addition to city views, you can fill up on some grub as well as make some purchases. If you want to give you a little cooler information, if you visit the official Space Needle site, you can view its webcam. You'll thank me later.

Children's Museum: If you are traveling to Seattle with children than the Children's Museum, this is the perfect place to visit. It's seven days a week and tickets cost only $ 5.50. This is not too much about how tired your child will be once you travel around. It contains eight permanent galleries and one temporary gallery by UpTake.com so they will be enough for your offspring to receive and absorb them.


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