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Over the years I have read many business trip articles. Most of the advice I tried at once. I kept what worked. What failed, I didn't try again.

Based on my experience, I have compiled some business trip tips in this section, which I hope will be a little less painful on my way to work, and at least a little more enjoyable, if not fun.

In fact, I wish I had these business travel articles / tips when I first started a business trip a million years ago. At first it was fun. Hotels with clean leaves on the bed every day that I didn't have to form. Meals delivered to my door that I didn't have to cook.

But after a few of them it didn't seem so fun anymore. There was too much trouble from there. That is why I hope this will differ from many other travel articles in giving you practical advice that will help you. Some can save you money. Others will save you time. Still others will save you stress (these are my favorites!).

1. Do not check the bags at the airport.

Seriously. Just don't do it. What happens when you show up in your goal, but your bags don't? How do you make this important presentation in your jeans and T-shirt? Lightly pack and use luggage that has wheels.

And while we are dealing with the topic of bags, consider whether one package is packed and ready for immediate notification. I read about this tip years ago in one of those business travel articles. I started to hold a small bag of cosmetics, toiletries and changing the clothes in the car, so whether I have to jump into the car and go somewhere or go to the airport, I'm ready; notification.

If you need another bag (or a new set of luggage), I suggest you try They have high quality bags at great prices. Click the link below to review them.

2. Stay healthy.

When traveling, it's easy to get down, tired and sick. It is therefore important that you continue to eat properly and exercise to keep your health quotient and stress level down.

Stay in hotels with a swimming pool and / or gym. If this is not possible, try to walk or walk in the morning or at night (instead of renting a movie in the room!)

In addition, remember what you put in your mouth. Business trips are no excuse for you to indulge in or out of business. Do not overdo and avoid foods that you would not normally eat. (Believe me, late night service can be a killer!) Consider whether you carry your own healthy, portable snack for those times when it hits you at night.

One more thing … often wash your hands. In a strange city surrounded by strangers and strange germs. – No wonder so many people end when they travel. You may also consider carrying alcohol wipes or hand disinfectants in a briefcase or handbag.

And while you're at it, make sure you carry a small over-the-counter medicine bag with you so you don't have to run out to get any medication if you get sick while traveling. Include painkiller / fever reduction, antacids, vitamins and other medicines you take frequently, such as sinus cards, etc.

3. Bypass large airports and hubs.

I traveled through some of the largest airports in the world and there is nothing cool or charming about it. Sure, they have plenty of flight options, great restaurants and shops – but if you've seen Chili, you've seen them all. Large airports have a lot of congestion … people and aircraft. Check-in and safety lines are a nightmare.

Instead, you can book a smaller or regional airport whenever you can. For example, fly to or out of Newark instead of JFK. You may (or maybe not) have to go a little further, but you'll save so much time and brain damage.

4. Take advantage of frequent and loyalty programs.

Why wait in line if you don't have to? If you can, try using the same airline at all times and sign up for their frequent flyer program. (Like the American program "Aadvantage" or Delta "SykMiles".) Each program has its own benefits, but some include boarding earlier, special announcements, airline miles that can be traded on a ticket. or upgrade.

In addition to the "Aantageantage" program, I also have membership in the Admiral Club. If you are not familiar with it, it is a location inside the major airports where members can travel between flights and use their facilities. Some of them are nice. Most have toilets, restaurants / bars, comfortable chairs, free drinks and snacks, internet and computers, a soothing environment. These types of clubs are really focused on business travelers. Believe me, the peace alone (compared to the chaos outside) costs me $ 400 a year. I almost don't mind. If you have to fly at large airports, seriously consider checking with your carrier's internal club. Please contact your credit card company before paying a membership fee. Some (mostly platinum cards) offer free access to these areas.

Car rental companies have their own "frequent flyers" program, called "Loyalty" programs. Members usually have their own area where they can sign in and leave, saving you a lot of time waiting in line.

5. iPhone, will travel.

I discovered it a few months ago when I and my family were traveling in Los Angeles. Desperate for directions, I grabbed my iPhone to check Mapquest on the internet, and found that I actually had a map icon on the screen. Cold! He didn't know it was! All I had to do was that I entered the place and destination and gave me step by step visual and written instructions! Cool Small Portable GPS / Phone / Web Browser! And I thought it was just for calling and playing my videos! With this I thought I could go anywhere and really get there!

Since then I have learned that other types of phones also have this feature, so make sure you also check the manual and the instruction manual to make sure that you do not find out your mistakes yourself. If it doesn't, consider purchasing a phone to do when it's time to replace your old one.

6. Try to fly directly.

Looks like no, but in our effort to save money, we often end up with one, sometimes two or three laymen. Direct flights can be more expensive, but think about what saves you time and frustration! Let your travel agent know that you would prefer direct flights over Layovers whenever possible.

But if you are someone who booked your own flights and are interested in saving money, one of the best booking sites I have found is Look at them by clicking on the banner below:

7. Just don't go.

This is the biggest tip for saving money from all the business trip articles you have ever read! If you can, you can opt for a conference call or video conference instead of jumping by plane. While this may not be appropriate for all business situations, use it whenever it is not necessary.

8. Put your business into business-friendly hotels.

Make sure you book the hotel for business travelers. Late check-in policies, free in-room room, soundproofed rooms, conference rooms, free newspapers, gym … these are all amenities that can make your travel more comfortable.