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Skedesk recently published an article, ‘The last battlefield in high-frequency cryptocurrency exchange careers’, which offers direct connectivity to its corresponding engines in the trading locations.

Xerxes has recently started marketing its niche, with other encryption exchanges with the intention of facilitating cross-connection for companies (such as a direct network connection within the database) through Internet-based connections. Face a direct network connection) to enable your capabilities and / or the work engine at least a year ago, so this is not a new development.
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Cross-Linked is a standard service in global investment markets, used in asset classes and types of market participants, so it presents connectivity options such as “red carpet ready for high frequency operators”. It is specific. According to the article, none of the exchanges that have been answered, including Erickson, does not actually offer direct colonization services (provided by the claimant’s owners / operators).

One of our core ideas at ErisX is that it is important to discuss any important issues, corporate interest, custody, etc. In this article we apply the same magnitude when exchanging “high frequency trading”, “colonization” and “cloud-based” versus “housed in the data center”.

Because the ErisX article is one of the exchanges described in the article as an attempt to attract large merchants of algorithms with the “mention” offer, we explain more clearly “algorithm trading” and “HFT”. Want

We also want to explain why automated trading can be beneficial in the market and the “lost” database in the “CoinClassic” article may be missing in the exchange and the host in the data centers to resolve the gap. Why there is high efficiency and benefits for conversion. Market participants