The oddest trips in the world

The oddest trips on the planet

It is extraordinary by using just a jeep or stilts, travelers may take their particular trips a large number of miles, and on occasion even internationally. Perhaps you have taken such challenging trips? It’s impossible because those trips became the whole world’s documents with a view to very value person force. Let’s examine the oddest trips in the field.


Walk 2928km on stilts

In 1891, Sylvain Dornon- an athlete wandered on stilts made a 2928-km journey from Paris to Moscow via Vilno 2928km length. Every day he wandered about 60km.


13,000km journey by foot from Ca, US to chicken

Plennie L. Wingo (24/1/1895- 2/10/1993) recorded his travel in a novel. 13,000km ended up being many magic period of a vacation by walking. 32km. for every time. 


Drive wheelbarrow 4,115km

David Baird finished their 112-day trip known as Herculean. He pressed a wheelbarrow around us all with the road length of 4,115km


Take a trip across the world by jeep.

Ben Carlin went across the world by a jeep. It took 8 years in order to complete the trip of 62,000km.


Baptist minister crept 2,560km to White home

In 1978, Baptist 39 year-old minister Hans Mullikin crept to White home from Marshall, Tx. The travel was 2.560km length.








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